Convey Is Redefining Public Opinion Polling

Stop Asking—Start Listening.

Superior Results with Less Effort

Truly understanding someone without knowing them is difficult—let alone an entire population. That’s why we’re taking an exclusively new approach to opinion polling.
  • Interpret Millions of Active Social Media Users

  • Run Analysis Anytime

  • Receive Extensive Results in a Matter of Minutes

  • Directly Address Important Issues

  • Track How Events Affect People’s Sentiment

Access Your Dashboard

Our site is responsive, meaning you can access your valuable information whether you're on a desktop or mobile device.

Search Your Desired Term

We make it easy to do research, just enter the name or phrase you're interested in and hit submit. When it's done being processed, your information will be available to you in various forms.

Get to Know the Audience

You are presented with a sentiment graph for tracking emotion over time, a phrase cloud for observing top-mentioned phrases, and a username list to view per-user-sentiment and directly reach out to those who matter most.

Our Core Features

Here’s how our service works (hover over each to learn more).

A Better Way to Do Polling

Whether you need to more precisely understand your constituents, loyal brand followers, or competitors; we’re here to help.