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By April 15, 2016 Accolades, Featured, Milestone

We’ll keep this post short and simple. Tweetsense was accepted into the University of Illinois’ iVenture Accelerator! The iVenture accelerator is an awesome program that takes no equity, gives $2,500 per founder and provides up to $10,000 in funding for rising startups. But that’s not all, as an accelerator at a top University, iVenture also bestows unique advantages for startups like:

  • Access to Research Park, which connects startups to relevant leading researchers in the field and has an economic output of $169 Million
  • Entrepreneurs in Residence who contribute free counseling services to iVenture startups
  • Facilities such as laboratories, 3-D printers, conference rooms, kitchens, and co-working spaces
  • The Blue Waters Supercomputer (which we’re probably not going to use, but it’s always nice to be around)
  • Connections to media outlets and potential late stage investors

And if that weren’t enough, all companies receive continued support even after the accelerator. Tweetsense is really honored to work as professional equals alongside startups like Cast21, revitalizing the ancient cast with an open and waterproof version and Psyonic, inventing state-of-the-art prosthetics using advanced neuroengineering.

Here’s a list of all the companies Tweetsense will be working with.


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