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Our Live Analysis of the 2018 Illinois Midterms

The following results were generated using several hundred thousand public social media posts by Illinois residents. Our current midterms model is an updated version of the one used to predict Brexit and the 2016 U.S. Election. Generally speaking, average sentiment scores directly correlate with electability.

Please Note:¬†Not every candidate has an ample amount of data; this may lead to inaccurate results. While we’ve done our best to extrapolate as much information as possible, there are scenarios where data is scarce or missing entirely.

District 1

Rush vs. Tillman

District 2

Kelly vs. Merkle

District 3

Lipinski vs. Jones

District 4

Garcia vs. Lorch

District 5

Quigley vs. Hanson

District 6

Casten vs. Roskam

District 7

Davis vs. Cameron

District 8

Krishnamoorthi vs. Diganvker

District 9

Schakowsky vs. Elleson

District 10

Schneider vs. Bennett

District 11

Foster vs. Stella

District 12

Kelly vs. Bost

District 13

Londrigan vs. Davis

District 14

Underwood vs. Hultgren

District 15

Gaither vs. Shimkus

District 16

Dady vs. Kinzinger

District 17

Bustos vs. Fawell

District 18

Rodriguez vs. LaHood