We’re on a roll, and so is the UK.

We’ll get straight to the point: We were right about Britain leaving the European Union. I’ll have to admit, even I had doubts about our prediction.¬†When we predicted the 2015 Chicago Mayoral race, the pollsters agreed that Rahm would win. This time, everyone disagreed with us, even the people we presented to during the Techweek Launch competition in Chicago.

But then around 11 pm back at the hotel, when I googled Brexit, with around 46% reporting, the voters leaving the EU were at around 51.8%. What was this? Could we actually have been right this whole time? When we made our Brexit prediction, we also had some pretty close margins on our sentiment graph, while many pollsters firmly believed an 85% chance the UK would remain in the EU.

It looks like Tweetsense really is stronger than we thought. Sometimes being right isn’t always popular, but in this era where the leaders¬†of polling/public opinion are starting to lose their predictive power, Tweetsense will be there to help make the right decisions.

I did see that search in person and I was very intrigued by it. Even more so when it turned out to be correct. I look forward to using this software, and watching [the] company grow

Brady O'BrienSocial Media Analyst

Our world is changing; no longer do we turn to the daily newspaper for our news or wait for a phone call or someone to come to our door to give them our opinion on a political candidate. We get our news and provide our opinions through the various forms of social media. Tweetsense is the perfect tool to harness the potential of gathering and analyzing this data in real-time at a fraction of the cost and effort as before.

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