I t’s 5pm in a local county office for Bernie Sanders’ campaign. But while everyone else is headed home there’s still a ton of work to get done. Calls day in and day out, emails answered faster than you can count them, events planned days before. There’s already so much to do so why is everything still done in that office like it’s 1904?

Each year, candidates far and wide spend upwards of one hundred million dollars to get their votes and that’s just a senate election! When companies try to advertise their “technology” it’s really just a flavor of 2002. What they call “smart analytics” is just looking at click rates and seeing how many of the 100,000 spam emails they sent lead to donations, what they call “conversion rates”.

But Tweetsense is different. We don’t use buzzwords like CTR or KPI because they simply don’t fit for what we do. What we do is more akin to gathering 1000 people to expressly say what they feel about something-actually that is what we do. When someone posts something about a candidate on Twitter, Facebook, Washington Post, or any site really, Tweetsense reads that and understands it just like a human would. It’s a win-win. Now candidates can get information on how people feel about them and the people can finally have their voices heard online. Can you believe that in this day and age that most of that is done manually by consulting companies and so-called “Social Media Management” or “Public Relations Firms”? Now what used to take humans hundreds of hours is being done by Tweetsense at the literal click of a button.

There’s already so much to do so why is everything still done in that office like it’s 1904?

Instead of shooting the lake and hoping to catch a few fish, we’re going to the market like any logical person would.


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